2 Balls for Android Game

By app_tagit, May 12, 2015


The Top Apps Review Directory namely App Tag it recommend this entertaining Android game called 2 Balls which was professionally marveled by BIN CORP. They are efficacious gaming firm which is persuasive part of a multinational corporation. They are trying to enslave mind with addictive 2 Balls for Android Game towards passionate global users. With this interesting game the users could able to control 2 overly-attached balls which try to escape a collapsing world, but with remote chances that they don’t get far.

2 Balls for Android Game has a simple game plan with relatively hard tasks. The game starts with one of the balls rotate around other continuously non-stop with a speedy pace. The key task for players is to tap when the rotating ball could safely land on a solid element. Elements are solitary and most times the active user would land in an abyss and require re-starting game. The users got key addictive game savors according to Top Apps Review Directory namely App Tag it.


The 2 Balls for Android Game is facile for all passionate users who have to do simply tap at occasion of safe time in landing the ball. If player suppose to lands on a solid brick then possible to advance, but if falls in the abyss then player had restart the game. The app has relevant HD graphics which permit user to target on the game play. They reveal that passionate users could not stay long in the same spot as the earth you’re staying on collapses brick by brick.

The players could consider themselves an expert if they receive score with more than 1 digit. Users could brag about score via popular social networks and provide valid achievements. They of course could collect bonuses and be expediently exchanged for similar looking balls. So by playing 2 Balls for Android Game one could easily embark on a entertaining journey in finishing with highest score.

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