Back to Bed for iOS

By app_tagit, April 11, 2015


It’s an efficaciously pleasing title that would keep passionate users up late into the night for solving intricate puzzles. The app of Back to Bed for iOS has attractive Escherian environments which would certainly win you over. It was professionally launched during last August and currently available for free on iOS as Apple’s App of the Week.

According to Top Ranked Apps Review Directory namely App Tag It is expediently illustrating about latest iOS phone app called Back to Bed. The concept of the game is to get Bob the sleepwalker back to bed safely. The adorable user could take on the role of Bob, but perhaps in two forms. One could actually get himself into distressing situations for the well being artistic dream worlds which are wholly conjured up in his sleep; so that relevant user play the role of his subconscious, respectively Subob.

Everyone knows that amazing Subob uses all available objects to marvel a safe path for Bob to follow by regularly nudging him in the right direction. In situations where sleepwalking, Bob would actually turn clockwise every time bumps into something. This real challenge would make sure that he could not walk off the edge and wake up in manner of abrupt cases. Back to Bed for iOS is totally satisfied by all forms of international app users.


Back to Bed for iOS has the vital task which is made more hard by the isometric environment of the game which deliberately makes deciding where to place relevant objects even harder way. The app game lovers could also encounter optical illusions and tricks which frequently change your attitude on the cogent tasks.

The above Back to Bed for iOS review from App Tag It is for international game lovers. The Top Apps Review Directory is publishing on iPhone / iPad / iOS app reviews, Android App Reviews, Facebook App Reviews, Game Reviews, Gadget Reviews and Web App Reviews. In final conclusion the top apps review site App Tag It suggests this Back to Bed for iOS app in benefit of global users.


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