Covert Alert - Voice activated Safety Alert app

Covert Alert – Voice activated Safety Alert app

By app_tagit, January 9, 2019


We know that safety would be key concern for a lot of people, and there are a several apps to address the serious issue. Most of the apps are manually activated though, and in emergencies it’s cinch impractical to have to use of your hands in activating your emergency device. For solving this problem you can enter the first hands-free, voice-activated personal safety app namely Covert Alert – Voice activated Safety Alert app developed by Lucrative Innovations INC.

This persuasive app of Covert Alert – GPS Personal Safety Alert is the first voice activated tracking app with multiple features for emergency situations. In situations where you feel unsafe, just enable the Speech Activation feature on the Covert Alert – GPS Personal Safety Alert app for your friends, & family members to watch over you.

Covert Alert - Voice activated Safety Alert app

Moreover Covert Alert expediently allows you to have a personal emergency S.O.S distress system & GPS locator right at your fingertips, anytime you need it & has been expediently developed to improve both you and your family’s safety. Moreover this GPS can be used anytime and permit anyone to track your real-time location. The app is linked to your security service for maximum benefit and quicker response times when you need it most.

Key features in the Covert Alert

  • The users can unlock the alert system using the voice activation mode that activates for your specific keywords
  • While in emergency, once the app has been activated, the full name of the user & a prewritten custom message is sent to designated contacts.
  • More importantly real-time GPS is also sent to the designated contacts to inform them of where the user is during the emergency, and permits contacts to follow user until emergency is deactivated.
  • This app allows the user to record events for a maximum period of 15 minutes. The recording is saved to the user’s local device and a backup is created off the local device for future retrieval if required.
  • This familiar app of Covert Alert permits the user the ability to customize 2 non-emergency messages, and send those messages to designated contacts without the recording feature in social settings by stating the designated keywords.

Covert Alert - Voice activated Safety Alert app

Apart from many key aspects this emergency SOS service is available for free for up to 50 text messages. So, users can easily download this security app Covert Alert – GPS Personal Safety Alert to get started.

In conclusion as a fan of this app, I’ve found Covert Alert – GPS Personal Safety Alert to be amazing accolade gem among the recent flood of big titles on the App Store and Play Store. I still suggest giving Covert Alert a try if you’re in the passionate mood for some unique apps and want something that is absolutely distinctive. Also if you like to take control of your safety, the Covert Alert App is available for free for both Android and Apple devices through their respective stores.





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