Demon of Justice

Demon of Justice

By app_tagit, November 16, 2018


Today people happened to come across and stumble upon Demon of Justice while doing their roundup of the popular Play Store games, and they were expediently intrigued since it looked like a special and something set it apart from the others.

The aspirant players can easily take control of the weaponised satellite ‘Demon of Justice’ and use it to save cities around the globe from being invaded by demons. It is also simple to use skill and timing to take out all the demons from above.

Demon of Justice

Important Game Features for Demon of Justice

Exclusive top-down shooter game play

In this game Demon of Justice the payers must tap on the spawned demons as fast as they can destroy them before they could destroy the surrounding cities. For every five levels the players would face a powerful boss demon, each with their own unique, chaos-causing powers.

Adept unique levels

The players can overcome 25 unique levels full of action and save multiple locations across the world from the global demon invasion. The players can also fight against a wide range of demons with different behaviours.

Players can unlock powerful weapons – No micro transactions

The game has no micro-transactions, and all in game money that players collect could be used in the shop to unlock different laser weapons.

Demon of Justice

Lucrative Arcade visuals

This game in Demon of Justice efficaciously features smooth, hand-animated pixel art reminiscent of retro Arcade games. You can also play for fun, not for the eye-candy.

In conclusion if people are searching for different game app on things, then we highly suggest giving Demon of Justice a look. The various game features that you come across fit the user’s requirements rather well, and are pretty quality. So if you are searching for distinctive and unique features, you will love what Demon of Justice has to offer.




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