Facebook Hello for Android

By app_tagit, April 27, 2015


The reputed Facebook has professionally launched Hello, an app designed to replace the default dialler on your Android phone. As much anticipated it’s closely tied to your Facebook account with caller ID data which extremely pulls even if general user don’t have the caller’s number in phone’s contacts list.

They allow user to make calls and send messages via Messenger instead of normal cellular connection. With regard from Top Apps Review Directory namely App Tag it the Facebook Hello for Android is successful attempt at a ‘Facebook Phone’ on Android. They actually encourage user to switch over to the app, it’s got a savor which is sensational. It is has the ability to automatically block calls from numbers which have been blocked by few other people. They almost get rid of that spam ‘insurance’ and ‘Windows support’ calls. Altogether Facebook Hello for Android is completely assuaged from all genres of users.


By utilization of Facebook Hello for Android one could view who’s calling you, even if general user don’t have that phone number saved in your phone. They are easily possible to block unwanted calls. The general user could automatically block calls from numbers that have been blocked by some other individuals. The user could actively search your phone contacts and places on Facebook, without switching between apps. They have the latest info about your contacts, including their cogent profile pictures and birthdays. Altogether it is worth app to use.

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