Google Fit for Android

By app_tagit, May 17, 2015


Most of the universal app users come to know that evergreen Google might have successfully launched Google Fit for Android almost a year ago, but it has efficaciously updated with qualitative key metric namely calorie counts.

The Google Fit for Android app would now qualitatively permit global app users to know how much energy you’re actually expending, as well as what distance you’ve virtually traveled on any relevant day. The international app users normally require making sure that the valid lucrative profile lists of gender, height and weight for the quality estimates.

Moreover the sensational interface is being completely revamped to guide and help users tracking your qualitative activity over time. So that international app user’s timeline would enumerate respective activity levels and valid exercises through numerous days, weeks or months.


With respect from Top Apps Review Directory namely App Tag it there’s also a persuasive new Google Fit widget in tow. This is indeed actively performed in situations where general users like to track respective stats right from your quality launcher. And if zeal app users wish knowing stats all the time, there is even a famous Android Wear watch face where you could now beneficially use too.

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