Line Launcher for Android

By app_tagit, September 1, 2015


The Press Release from App Tag it reveal that efficacious messaging service Line has adeptly released an Android launcher which takes over your home screen with quality custom themes, icons, wallpaper and beneficial widgets.

Line Launcher for Android expediently includes wide range of content based messaging apps with exclusive characters. It professionally builds on Line Deco, a collection of wallpapers, familiar icons and vivid themes to dress up your relevant device.

The reputed firm conveys that there are over 3,000 free options to choose from, while the common app users could mix and match wallpapers, valid icon packs and other extensive graphic elements to suit their taste. Line Launcher also expediently comprises advantageous features like a battery power monitor and a one-tap boost that actually frees memory by killing running apps. They also have quality search engine which cinch allows user to sift through Web content, installed apps and valid contacts all at once with app update tool.


Line Launcher for Android launcher adeptly supports stickers which users could place on any of your home screens and actively use as custom shortcuts to apps or valid URLs. If passionate app users like to instantly changing up the look of your respective device, the app users could respectively either download or install a whole new exclusive theme in seconds. The users could easily tap the Shuffle icon for professionally setting new wallpaper instantly.

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