Meerkat for Android

By app_tagit, May 6, 2015


The mobile apps are created on daily basis with app developers still working so dedicated manner to release novel applications for sake of international app users. Meerkat for Android is termed to be top app for this week according to Top Apps Review Directory namely App Tag it. This exclusive live-streaming app Meerkat continues to push for growth with iOS advantageous savors that have just gone live.

The latest inclusion is ‘mobbing,’ which view users with a live stream automatically pushed onto the app’s main activity feed. The users would apparently be notified that their respective has been ‘mobbed’ by a meerkat which is actually flying around their screen in a rocket ship.

Meerkat for Android is appreciated from all genres of universal app users. You could now find passionate users to connect with from your phone’s address book. This is the quality series of moves to ameliorate user discovery that was introduced when Twitter cut back Meerkat’s cogent access to their quality social graph.


With Meerkat for Android the users could now promote live and upcoming streams to Facebook, although given how the amazing News Feed ranks content. It is affirmed that your friends might not view the active notification until the stream has long ago completed. Meerkat app is so successfully opened up to all on Android platform for sake of global app users. They are all well supported and applauded from passionate developers.

The above Meerkat for Android review from App Tag it is sincerely dedicated for global app users. The Top Apps Review Directory is regularly publishing on iPhone / iPad / iOS app reviews, Android App Reviews, Facebook App Reviews, Game Reviews, Gadget Reviews and Web App Reviews. Eventually in final analysis the top apps review site App Tag it suggests this Meerkat for Android app in benefit of global users.


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