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By app_tagit, April 21, 2015


The App developers of modern day introduce yet another beneficial app called Moovit for Android. It was released among several successful features. They have also updated their public transit routing app on Android with latest features targeted at developing it easy in finding the quality transport choices to achieve your next destination.

Moovit for Android prominently features a simplified lucrative design, along with a quality search function that surfaces the novel ways to get to any local address or focused point of adorable interest. The universal user could also efficaciously search for any bus or train line in a city to actively view where it could actually take you. Amazingly Moovit 4 has a latest En Route feature that qualitatively notifies user of your ETA in real-time, so universal user could know how much longer to read or take short rest before having to hop off a ride.


It is confirmed that Moovit for Android app is also works offline now. The international user could store expedient planned trips along with respective directions, line information, maps and important schedules for any reference even when global user don’t have a vital net connection. Moovit for Android has massively developed with global user reporting function so riders could share live transit conditions with respect of any delays and line changes to alert others beneficial manner.

With effectively raising $50 million earlier this year from popular investors like Nokia and BMW, Moovit has overwhelmingly expanded their quality service to cover all of the UK’s important cities, inclusive of London, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. With regard from Top Apps Review Directory namely App Tag it the app is now efficaciously available in more than 600 cities of 55 countries.

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