Nautica PrestaShop Mobile App

Nautica PrestaShop Mobile App

By app_tagit, September 11, 2018


When people saw Nautica PrestaShop Mobile App developed by velsof on the Play Store, they knew that it was unique that they had to try out, mostly because of the salient features and how it bills itself as a fantastic. The acumen developer of this app certainly did a persuasive job with features, that’s for sure.

It is enumerated that this popular Knowband’s Nautica Mobile App Builder adeptly enables you to build your own Native eCommerce Android App and publish it on the app store. More particularly there are no coding or programming skills required.

Salient features of Prestashop Mobile App Maker

Quality Easy synchronization

This familiar eCommerce mobile app builder establishes real-time synchronization of products, inventory, orders between the web store and mobile channels.

Best Bundle of Theme Colors

This Android app maker for Prestashop primarily provides a bundle of theme colors to the store admin.

Top User Friendly Interface

The uncluttered interface of the eCommerce app makes shopping simpler. The filters and enhanced layered navigation allows effortless browsing. Moreover the app is mobile as well as tablet optimized.

Avail all product type support

This Prestashop eCommerce mobile app creator adeptly supports all types of products simple, configurable, bundled as well as virtual/downloadable.

It is Compatible with all Payment Method

More importantly this eCommerce app maker supports all payment methods. The Prestashop Mobile App Builder Module by default provides good option to make the payment through Paypal. For the remaining Payment methods the system would take the hybrid approach and actively would fetch the payment methods in the web view on the app.

Nautica PrestaShop Mobile App

Get all Shipping Methods Support

The mobile app builder for Prestashop expediently supports all kinds of shipping methods.

Effective Multi-lingual support

The eCommerce app makes localization of your business simpler with multi-lingual support. The Prestashop Android mobile app maker effectively offers RTL (Right to Left) support, that is, it could also display the contents in languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu, Persian/Farsi, Maldivian, Kurdish, Aramaic, Azeri and others.

Feature of Social Login Options

The eCommerce app builder for Prestashop provides Facebook and Google+ login options for easy sign ups.


The built-in wishlist options allow the store visitors to save their products for future reference.

Enumerates Zopim Chat Services Integration

The store admin could now stay in touch with their target audience 24/7 with the live chat option. You require having Zopim API keys to get it working; you may get it from

Nautica PrestaShop Mobile App

Exclusive Unlimited Push notification

By using Push Notification the eCommerce mobile app sends personalized notifications regarding any new offer or other store-related details to app users.

Avail Coupon Type Support

The Prestashop mobile app builder supports all kinds of coupons. It provides options to add any kind of coupon or voucher code.

Avail Order Tracking

The customers could get an option to track their order status. The admin can add order status and display them via the push notifications.

  • Key Steps to test this Prestashop eCommerce mobile app with your store
  • Install Free Prestashop Mobile App Builder Plugin on your PrestaShop Store. Download the module from:
  • Install this mobile app builder in your mobile and enter the URL of your store. Example, if your website URL is, then you shall simply enter – in the app on the Splash Screen.
  • Your store is now ready for the mobile platforms.

Are you interested to get this app, then follow the below mentioned steps

  • Purchase PrestaShop mobile app builder module from Knowband store (
  • Once, you have bought the Plugin, you would get an email with questionnaire for personalizing your app
  • As soon as the Questionnaire is made available they would professionally customize the mobile application and share the APK.

In conclusion I strongly suggest giving Nautica PrestaShop Mobile App a try if you are in the passionate mood for unique app features this weekend with a good emphasis on Mobile App Builder.




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