Retro Shooting - New Arcade Plane Shooting game

Retro Shooting – New Arcade Plane Shooting game

By app_tagit, January 22, 2017


Though it feels like global users have gone through every type of arcade shooting game that the App Store has to offer ever since it launched in 2008, no one can’t help but get intrigued whenever new ones hit the store, and Retro Shooting – New Arcade Plane Shooting game was one that definitely caught everyone eyes.

If you’re a fan of arcade plane shooting game, then Retro Shooting is the best game to try out. The players could experience the fun of a new arcade plane shooting game in Retro Shooting. This popular game was efficaciously developed by Livezen Corp.

Retro Shooting - New Arcade Plane Shooting game

Interestingly they took classic arcade shooting games and efficaciously remade them with 3D graphics to create ‘Retro Shooting.’ They also guarantee to provide you with a thrilling features and fun time. The users could come across several features like simple and intuitive controls of the game.

They can expediently progress through 75 exciting levels which would keep zeal players on the edge of the seat. The players can actively select between 11 very different aircrafts, each with their own distinct unique and powerful weapons. It is also made possible to destroy enemies with several varieties of stylish fighter planes.

Retro Shooting - New Arcade Plane Shooting game

The players can also experience dazzling and several lethal attacks enumerated. They can also witness massive boss battles to get you pumped up for fighting. It is also possible to complete exciting challenges and randomly assigned special missions. Moreover they are possible to compete with your Game Centre friends for higher rankings in infinite mode. This eminent game is also well supported for iPad. Finally this game is wholly applauded from all corners of global users.

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