SeatsPlanet – Share Ride together in carpool

SeatsPlanet – Share Ride together in carpool

By app_tagit, December 2, 2018


With so many events and activities going on these days, people often search for special and unique apps at App Store and Play Store. Every now and then people like to take out their iPhones and Android phones for downloading qualitative app namely the SeatsPlanet – Share Ride together in carpool.

By using this persuasive app you can book your seats for carpooling ride-sharing service in your routing. If you are expediently seeking car service as a sharing ride then SeatsPlanet is a seat reservation system in the form of ride app.

It is effectively possible to use all these empty seats in the cars as carpooling that are circulating. Are you going somewhere and want to share the car? Then post where you will go and your seats will become searchable for a quick ride. The interface would efficaciously find the best match for passengers and display real availability for car sharing in this rider app.

SeatsPlanet – Share Ride together in carpool

By this sharing ride app, the powerful interface adeptly permits you to synchronize with your calendar and communicate with other users for details & rideshare. In the transportation – rideshare, the prices are automatically calculated based on the price of gas and maintenance cost of a vehicle. So sharing the car with SeatsPlanet ride app allows low price transport for passengers – rider and big savings for drivers.

The users can share a ride and enjoy their daily commute with this rider app

Salient Features of this carpooling app

  • Enumerates user Profile Account for ridesharing
  • Good option for the discussion for rideshare
  • Best option to post-ride in the car service
  • Have online payment system in this sharing taxi
  • Has an FAQ question for reflecting information in this sharing cab
  • Can search ride through searching option

How to use SeatsPlanet:

This carpooling transportation app is effectively useful for both driver and passenger. One can simply install this ride app and then make the account with a credit card with your name. With the same account, you can post a ride as a driver to share a car or find the sharing ride as a passenger.

SeatsPlanet – Share Ride together in carpool

In this carpooling, as a driver, you would have a right to accept or decline the rides of the passenger. This rideshare is benefit for both as a rider to share travel and as a driver, car sharing for extra income. So as a passenger, you can search ride just by simple steps within this rider app.

Good benefits of this cab app

So when users share travel, it is cost effective rideshare with a secure and transparent approach. Within ridesharing, users can reach their destination on time. As a driver if your share car, you would have best opportunity for the extra earning. Thus finally one can save a lot with this share a ride app.


To sum up, the SeatsPlanet app certainly stands out from all the apps at App Store and Play Store; it’s a must-have cab app. This special cab app provides you with quick ride and reserves your seats for carpooling. You can also get your car sharing and make money.





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