Snap Me Up for Android

By app_tagit, May 13, 2015


Many individuals have common thought that like many app users, the sound of their alarm clock in the morning doesn’t make virtually leap out of bed with respective happiness. They actually don’t make their mind swirl with the limitless possibilities of a day yet to play actively joyfully for them.

According to Top Apps Review Directory namely App Tag it the Snap Me Up for Android, however think that they won’t let that happen. In short manner it’s an alarm clock that won’t switch off until you take a selfie.

In today’s modern world people already seem to have lost their minds for the selfie craze, but why users require a cogent collection of images taken at the second while wake up is a little beyond clueless. Yet that is what users virtually end up with if app users use Snap Me Up for Android.


In order to set up a new alarm, the general users require tapping the red + button and choosing a time with mode. If users don’t like selfie option switched on, then they could just set an alarm as normal so that users would wake up to a slow slideshow of amazing images stored on your phone. You also have a nap timer, for duration with five minutes or longer. If zeal app users adore waking up to a device ceaselessly demanding to see face before it would shut up, then Snap Me Up for Android is expediently available on the Google Play Store for free.

The above Snap Me Up for Android review from App Tag it is dedicated for global app users. The Top Apps Review Directory is regularly publishing on iPhone / iPad / iOS app reviews, Android App Reviews, Facebook App Reviews, Game Reviews, Gadget Reviews and Web App Reviews. In final analysis the top apps review site App Tag it suggests this Snap Me Up for Android app in benefit of global users.



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