Splitter Critters for iOS

Splitter Critters for iOS

By app_tagit, February 3, 2017


Splitter Critters for iOS by RAC7 Games is a refreshing innovative puzzler that will have global players entertained and solve each puzzle actively. If players like puzzle games then Splitter Critters are one user must check out for.

The game is qualitatively rendered in 2-D with a minimalistic paper-craft aesthetic that is persuasive. Like other puzzle games, Splitter Critters is also level-based and global players must go through each stage one-by-one in a linear fashion.

Presently there are five planets to go through, and each one has entertaining seven stages. The main goal of the game is to assist the little alien creatures reach their spaceship so that they could go to home. Moreover the game does not have time limits or move restrictions, so global players can technically play the game at their own pace.

Splitter Critters for iOS

It sounds simple enough, but given the game mechanics and the addition of several foes things do get difficult as you advance further.  Due to presence of the unusual game mechanics, Splitter Critters makes passionate players think in unique ways to solve the puzzles at hand. Altogether this game is wholly assuaged by massive number of global players.

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