Super Chuckie Egg

Super Chuckie Egg

By app_tagit, September 9, 2018


If players are searching for a special kind of game to sink their mind into this weekend, then Super Chuckie Egg will surely assuage users need. It is tricky game play with faster and modern game play in which user’s race along collecting a string of eggs.

This game includes 36 stages across the four seasons of the year, and five difficulty levels. The users can play any stage they like from the outset, and once they have finished game they would get a chance to play the Title levels for additional kudos.

The users can go for journey through the four seasons with Harry, collecting gold and silver eggs spread across 36 levels among winter, summer, spring and autumn. They can play in any order you like, some levels are facile, while others are tricky and would require practice.

Super Chuckie Egg

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