FailPop for iOS

July 13, 2015


 According to Top Ranked Apps Review Directory namely App Tagit enumerate about the latest app called FailPop for iOS. If you’re visiting a country for the first time, then global app users always a capital idea to brush up on local customs so you don’t end up offending locals during your amazing trip. FailPop for […]

Yo for iOS

June 16, 2015


 With the new efficacious introduction of version 2.0, the popular Yo for iOS could now progressively send pictures to each other. It is just like sending text, pictures which are easy and simple. According to Top Apps Review Directory namely App Tag it the Yo for iOS is regarded to be your own secret language between […]

Office Sway for iOS

May 27, 2015


 Office Sway for iOS is a sensational app which efficaciously assists users easily to develop an interactive web-based canvas of your interesting ideas, and then viably share it with kith and kin, teachers, and co-workers. On your iPhone it actively pulls together your vital pictures, key videos and text in minutes. They have built-in layout […]

MixRadio for iOS

May 24, 2015


 For sake of international app users the popular music streaming service that Microsoft sold last year to messaging app Line, is not specifically for global Windows anymore. It was only on the Windows Phone, the MixRadio app has now efficaciously branched out to cogent iOS and familiar Android. This merit oriented service was specially marveled […]

Stylio for iOS

May 23, 2015


 If common users consider fashion and shopping the modern technology has made things a lot more facile accessible. The regular users could instead of spending all weekend practices through the constant shops; simple gratification is in your fingertips. With regard from Top Apps Review Directory namely App Tag it they professionally illustrate about latest iOS […]

Knocker for iOS

May 22, 2015


 With versatile modern world of mobile app technology a latest iOS app was enumerated namely Knocker for iOS in sake of global app users. This familiar iOS app, which swipes the Tinder approach of well could swipe through your various options. It almost hooks into iPhone’s location services making it really easy to view what’s […]

Click Wheel for iOS

May 21, 2015


 If international app users are missing the iPod Classic then with respect to Top Apps Review Directory namely App Tag it they illustrate about the new app called Click Wheel for iOS which might virtually assist easing your cogent expectation. You have a new keyboard app for iPhone termed Click Wheel Keyboard which almost takes […]

Sunrise Meet for iOS

May 19, 2015


 In present context there are many efficacious developments taking place around the universe of mobile application, Sunrise Meet for iOS has successfully received an advantageous update. The merit oriented update was that it actively brings a new third-party keyboard to the quality platform for the first time. It is overwhelmingly considered with new keyboard functionality […]

Bleep for iOS

May 18, 2015


 It is well real fact that all app users always wish having efficacious security of knowing your voice, text and picture messages which could not be intercepted. Everyone likes to have direct peer-to-peer communication of end-to-end quality encryption. With regard from reputed Top Apps Review Directory namely App Tag it they reveal that latest Bleep for […]

Rdio for iOS

May 16, 2015


 The latest novel development of mobile app technology conveys that Rdio has expediently launched a new premium tier for their familiar streaming music service which professionally allows listeners to stream music on-demand, as well as through Rdio’s regular channels. It is also known thought that Rdio Select provides paying international customers access to unlimited streaming […]