Power Clean for Android

July 15, 2015


 In order to ameliorate the efficiency and storage capacity of your Android phone the global users could use latest app called Power Clean for Android. According to Top Ranked Apps Review Directory namely App Tag it they enumerate about Power Clean for Android. Power Clean for Android is a fast, totally free of cost and […]

Taplet for iOS

April 12, 2015


 In a latest development of mobile app technology the new iOS app Taplet was discovered towards benefit of global users. Taplet for iOS is a free app which allows global user either shooting a video or expediently pulling in a previously shot video from the Camera Roll. It also record or upload any iPhone, GoPro or Snapchat […]

Back to Bed for iOS

April 11, 2015


 It’s an efficaciously pleasing title that would keep passionate users up late into the night for solving intricate puzzles. The app of Back to Bed for iOS has attractive Escherian environments which would certainly win you over. It was professionally launched during last August and currently available for free on iOS as Apple’s App of the Week. […]

Giphy for Web

April 10, 2015


 Giphy for Web the popular GIF search engine, and LINE, the reputed social networking messaging firms have professionally launched a pack of 24 brand new stickers. It is conveyed that Giphy worked with popular personalities in developing this social networking artwork collaboration. This new pack is the most quality collaboration between Giphy and LINE, cherishing from what […]