The Mesh for iOS

The Mesh for iOS

By app_tagit, November 18, 2016


The Mesh for iOS by Creatiu Lab is latest zen-like math puzzle game. If passionate users enjoyed games like 13 Thieves, Threes, Two Dots then they appreciate what The Mesh brings to the table. The visuals are good mix of modern with a touch of retro flair.

The colors add to the unique aesthetic mixture, as it adeptly combines soft and rich background colors with textures. The 3-D model renders of the 12 zodiac creatures look lucrative with the golden hue and shading. The animations are fluid, specifically when things come together. The game has a pleasing soundtrack that will assist you relax and focus on the gameplay.

It has soothing soundtrack with five core songs that enumerate the elements of the zodiac namely as water, wood, earth, metal, and fire. It includes only one game mode in The Mesh, which is an endless run in an attempt to get the best score possible, probably 200 points. The global players get points for meeting the target number, as described by the white tile.

The Mesh for iOS

The players have few different modes that pop up every now and then to keep things thrilling, such as Dark Mode and Bomb Mode, where your visibility is immensely reduced and players must clear out bomb tiles before time runs out. The main goal is inclined after each success, and numerous tile kinds are introduced as user’s progress through the levels. The music in the game is relaxing, which is always good, and the gameplay is easy but hard enough.

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