Blyss for iPhone

Blyss for iPhone

Getting beneficial app experience is something any users cannot afford to miss. This mostly occurs when one is trying to use an innovative app which brings great satisfaction. This is exactly what the Blyss for iPhone bringing to its international users; an unstoppable quality -filled experience.

Blyss for iPhone by Dropout Games is the best relaxing puzzler that has come out in the market. The powerful puzzle adventure with musical ambient themes would always keep you busy for hours. It features a minimalistic aesthetic that is awesome. Even though the game is designed in 2-D, but it features like 3 – D look. The colors are rich and animations are buttery smooth with atmospheric soundtrack that would definitely melt your menaces away.

There are 3 modes in this game such as Endless Mode, Time Attack, and Playground. For unlocking Time Attack and Playground, the zeal users would have to solve good number of puzzles first. In the Endless Mode it virtually illustrates endless stream of puzzles for you to solve. With Time Attack mode it includes racing against the clock, and Playground.

The important objective is instant with users to clear out all of the blips (dots) by connecting them in lines of three or four blocks. They must be connected horizontally or vertically. For connecting the blips, the users had to slide their finger or thumb over the tiles you like to connect, either horizontally or vertically only. The controls in Blyss are apt. If you consider yourself a famous gamer the game does award stats with achievements.

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