Camra for iOS

Camra for iOS

It is real fact that even if general app users purchase the highest capacity mobile phone, shooting numerous photos and vivid videos would challenge your storage capacity. To solve this Camra for iOS is specially introduced for sake of global users.

By performing routine deletion and offloading files could get job hard. Camra for iOS is a free app which has been launched providing a novel way of shooting that professionally relieves users of the anxiety of running out of space on your phone. Camra effectively offers a cloud-based solution to the storage problem. Instead of simply allowing users for uploading video to a respective server, Camra has good ability for shooting directly to a server without the content ever residing on your phone.


Even if users already have a dense packed device, they could still shoot all necessary things which they like. By effectively using Camra, the users not only store media including full HD videos directly in the cloud, but also obtain swift upload speeds. The effective usage of Camra’s innovative technology converts the video as it uploads so users could see instantly without having to wait for conversions after apt videos reach the server.

The app users could view their material from mobile device or computer. The users could easily watch and share their vivid video while maintaining complete control over it, either on respective mobile device or through computer. The popular company is also connecting with numerous cable TV providers to enable sharing and exhibiting media using a designated TV channel.

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