Chased by the Sun for iOS

Chased by the Sun for iOS

Chased by the Sun for iOS by Jonathan Rubinger is superlative endless runner where players must actually outrun, the sun. It is known fact that giant thermonuclear plasma ball lights up the universe and it’s behind your little green ship which would instantly burn it up if you fall behind.

The graphics in the game are qualitatively polished, so it looks good on Retina screens. Chased by the Sun has persuasive intergalactic backdrop that is full of dark and rich colors which contrast adeptly with the pitch black darkness of the universe.

The moons that zeal players would be hopping onto are bright and vibrant, so they actually stand out against the otherwise vast emptiness of space. The levels are divided up into five different solar systems, with about five levels in each. Presently there are 25 levels which sound nice and the game is challenging.

The game uses a star system, so passionate users could earn up to three medals on a stage by actively collecting enough minerals. The controls in the game are so simple enough where zeal players can just tap on the screen to actively launch your ship from one moon to another.

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