Hamad and Sahar for Android

Hamad and Sahar for Android

Android is the new home of platform and plat-former games for all game developers which are looking for a bit of nostalgia trip. It is no secret that the Arabic folklore has some of the most amazing and interesting stories. This Hamad and Sahar for Android game professionally appeals to player’s imaginations by enabling them in perfectly syncing themselves into these stories. Moreover they have even more interesting endings that would leave any player with a sense of fulfillment and complete enjoyment.

Hamad and Sahar is a plat former available for free on Android which is based around Arab Folk Tales. The players could easily collect coins and bump the blocks above you just like in old Mario games. It is also possible to throw eggs and find keys to progress in the game. They closely follow what many know and adore about plat former games; making it feels eminent even from the first play through.

The graphics are smooth and authentic of an Arab land with relevant desert and beaches. It sincerely feels like a world-of-its-own that is simple to get immersed in. This popular game has been made with a diverse player background in mind. For benefit of users it has been made to feature two languages. The acumen developers have stuck to their Arabic origin and therefore presented it in professional manner. The other language that is provided on the entertaining game is English therefore assuring whichever part of the universe you come from, users could be able to enjoy the game.

One of the most disturbing things that could be experienced with any game has to start over each time users open it. With Hamad and Sahar however need not worry about it. It is due to the fact that the game has an advanced saving feature which makes it possible for one to save the level that they have reached and start from there the next time possible. It not only saves you time but also enables you to progress haste. You can also get this game in App Store here.

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