Huetopia for iOS

Huetopia for iOS

Huetopia for iOS

There is a new game that had been professionally cooking for you, and it is now available in your iTunes store. This popular game is non-other than Huetopia for iOS. It is a must-have game; that was efficaciously developed by ZealTopia Interactive. It is one of those games that are best for amateur and hardcore game players.

It is interesting puzzle game which is about matching the colored blocks with their respective spaces. This game falls in line with quality minimalistic approach when it comes to the visuals. The game intensifies with simplistic geometric shapes that comprise rectangles, circles, and squares. The colors in Huetopia are lucrative, as they range from soft pastels to vibrant tones. The subtle are smooth.  The game is based on levels, and users must solve the current one that you’re on before moving on to the next one.

The players could also free to go back and replay any respective stage that they like. The vital objective in Huetopia is to get the blocks into their color lines by process of sliding and actively rotating them on the board along small square notches.

The controls in Huetopia are intuitive enough for any international users to understand. The blocks which are lined up vertically could only slide up or down. Where as the horizontal blocks could only move left or right for users Eventually this game is wholly applauded from all corners of global users.

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