LogoLicious by the Laughing Dutchmen

LogoLicious by the Laughing Dutchmen

With so much interesting events going on these days, people could find perfect solace in spending time with unique Android apps to take tense mind off of everything. You could find lot of apps on the cards lately, but every now and I always like to return to my favourite LogoLicious by the Laughing Dutchmen Android app particularly for its various beneficial aspects.

LogoLicious is the best app that primarily helps you to personalize, promote, and protect your pictures. Therefore it’s a must-have app for anyone who regularly posts photos and require adding their logo for their images.  This persuasive app of LogoLicious has already reached over 1,000,000 installs with growing popularity.

By using this LogoLicious app the users could apply their branding on the go, anywhere, anytime. Once you have uploaded a logo into the app itself, they are stored automatically offline. In the future, if you need running your new photos through LogoLicious before sharing online and your image would be branded with your own logo/watermark/text.

Best Features of LogoLicious

  • Load your logo into the app: The app supports .PNG .JPG or .GIF files and you can easily access the uploaded logos.
  • You have no placement limitations: Drag and drop your branding logo anywhere onto the image, any size. You can also easily reposition/scale/rotate the logo.
  • Options of Opacity slider: Adjust the transparency of your logo, watermark and added text
  • Availability of Text editor: users can add text like your name, URL, online handle or copyright notice alongside your logo. These could be saved for future usage as branding templates.
  • No resolution downgrade: the app expediently matches your logo to the resolution of the image being edited.
  • Quick share: Simply share your images to any social media platform EXIF data is also embedded for extra copyright protection.
  • Snap-On grid – Users could add a protective X-grid on top of any image with just 1 click
  • Users can create templates and save your logo + text layout as a template for all your future images
  • Align to original orientation-button: Easily level your logo or text to straight to horizon (0 degrees alignment)

In conclusion this app of LogoLicious highly focuses on simplicity, quality and speed. The Laughing Dutchmen are creative collective started by two Dutch natives with 10+ years of experience in logo design, branding. LogoLicious is qualitative app built out of the requirement to have branding on the go, and the users would be thrilled if they try it out. Anyone who adores special features in their Android apps will surely enjoy what they experience in LogoLicious that’s for sure.

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